Raise Your Voice and Vote!

Jorge Lopez, Candidate for CA Assembly, District 67

Mother’s Day was celebrated by everyone last month. This month we celebrate Father’s Day. For many people, this is a time filled with joy, celebrations, and just one more way to honor our parents. My name is Jorge López, a candidate for the California State Assembly District 67. One of the reasons I am pursuing a career in politics is because I still remember the struggles that my parents had to go through in order to raise my siblings. A family of seven is difficult to provide for. Even so, we had a happy childhood.

I have always wanted to serve my community, one way or another. This year I joined politics because enough is enough. Today’s politicians do not know our Latino people, and even though our cultures are different, we are very similar. Just like all of the American communities, the majority of us want a more secure lifestyle, to form strong relationships in our communities, and to have a better future. It is that simple.

Our communities will have a safer future when we unite to better our socio-economic situation. We will achieve that when we register to vote and when we vote for candidates that represent our interests and who will fight in order to accomplish them. But everything begins with a vote. Many Latin-Americans who are U.S. citizens do not register to vote because we migrate from nations where we see corrupt politicians who could care less about their people and just seek to become wealthy.

But that is not the case here. And even if it were, in this country there is a process in which the citizens can participate in order to achieve change. Voting is the power to change everything. Voting serves as a megaphone for those who have been silenced. Voting is a right protected by the constitution to ensure that it is not denied to anyone. Voting will protect your children, your parents, your friends, and your neighbors. It is something that is given to citizens only. It is that important. It is not given to someone that easily – every one of us who has gone through the process of waiting to become U.S. citizens know how difficult it is. This is why we must go out and vote. Not just for us or for the rest of the citizens, but also to give a voice to residents and maybe even to undocumented people.

The Fourth of July is almost here. Independence Day is my favorite out of the whole year because that day we are all Americans; regardless of religion, beliefs, ethnicity or race. We invite our family, friends and neighbors to the barbecue where, aside from having hamburgers and hotdogs, we also cook our grilled chicken and carne asada with all of the spices form our countries of origin. That day we forget all about our differences and we only focus on our similarities. That day we all feel safer because we see each other as equals. But one day out of the whole year is not enough, and that is why we have to participate in the electoral process and vote.

In my opinion, one way to honor my parents’ sacrifice is by being a good citizen and a productive member of our society. Since I was young I’ve always thought of serving my community: first in my church, then in the United States Marine Corps, and now serving all of you. Even though I will be representing the California State Assembly District 67, I am aware that my decisions will affect everyone in California, and I am willing to do so in an honorable way, with passion and for the good of everyone. This election, I ask for your support in the form of your vote and a donation in order to achieve a better future

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