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Diaz will run

On Saturday May 14th at the Escondido Democratic Club, Coun-cilmember Olga Diaz announced that she will run for City Council in Escon-dido’s District 3. We congratulate her on her decision!

This Wallet Could Save Your Life

File of Life is a brilliant idea from Palomar Hospital Board of Direc-tors member Jeff Griffith. It is a plastic wallet with a simple form inside you fill in with all your medical information. The wallet has a magnet on it so you leave it on your fridge and should you need help the EMTs will have access to your info in case you cannot speak for yourself. Great idea! You can get the wallets at any Palomar Hospital facility.

20,000 residents have not received corrected letter from EUSD To date, the Escondido Union

School Board has not sent a follow up letter notifying the 20,000 people who received their first libelous letter that Trustee Fragozo does NOT have a restraining order against him. EUSD lost in court and Trustee Fragozo is back representing his district. It appears the board’s majority is not interested in correcting the misinformation in their first letter. We have written a letter on his behalf and will email it in Spanish or English to anyone who would like one.

We’ve heard some stories and a few tall tales

In the minutes of the Classical Academy’s Board meeting for March 29th, we found two concerning items:

1.The head of curriculum, Dr. Beeman, stated it had been decided that the highly objectionable history book The Story of the World would not be replaced. “Story of the World is a narrative style of World History and they will continue with the curriculum.” Yet on April 7th (nine days after the board meeting was held, attend-ed by Curry according to the minutes), Director Cameron Curry told Alianza’s reporter that the school was seeking a replacement for that book. Maybe in Classical Academy speak that’s called a choice. We have another name for it.

2. Board Member Mark Reardon referred to those who expressing concern about this book as “outsiders.” Members of the public are not “outsiders,” Mr. Reardon.

We are the taxpayers who pay for your “school.”

[See last month’s article by Rick Mercu-rio “Charter Schools Cater to Parental ‘Choice’ of Predominantly White, Chris-tian Families” for more information. Mer-curio writes, “The book is laced with Bible stories, often presented as factual history. One chapter’s subtitle is “God Speaks to Abraham.” The book asks its readers, “Do you remember the story of Joseph?” ]

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