Artist Spotlight: Scott Bruckner

by Patrick Brown

This month’s featured artist, Scott Bruckner, is well known for his exotic wood sculptures influenced by two of his favorite artists Alexander Caulder and Louise Nevelson. You can envision the influence these artists have had on Bruckner’s work in Calder’s simple but balanced design and Nevelson’s complex assemblages. Continue reading

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The Escondido Union High School District in Negotiations over Teacher Contracts

by Katherine Fromm and Dollie McQuiston

High School teachers let their frustration show and their anger fly at the Escondido Union High School District school board meeting on March 8th. Speaker after speaker, including students and parents, spoke in the public forum to denounce the contract proposal offered by the administration and board.  Presently without a contract, the teachers are working under the terms of their  previous contract. Continue reading

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What is the Status of President Obama’s Executive Action?

by Laura Johnston Kohl

            Many of us who work with, live with, teach, marry, and build our futures with immigrants, are intimately tied to their futures. Sometimes, we hear a figure of 12,000,000 undocumented immigrants in our country. The 12,000,000 figure misrepresents the actual number of immigrants, intimate families and partners, and communities that embrace all of these hardworking people. Continue reading

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¿Cual es el Estado de la orden Ejecutiva del Presidente Obama?

por Laura Johnston Kohl

            Muchos de los que trabajamos, vivimos, enseñamos, nos casamos, y construimos un futuro con inmigrantes estamos atados a su futuro. A veces se dice que hay  12,000,000 de inmigrantes indocumentados en el país. Esa cifra no representa al número real de inmigrantes, las familias y esposos, ni a las comunidades que arropan a todas estas personas trabajadoras. Continue reading

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Being Responsible or Taking Responsibility

by Reverend Doctor Faith J. Conklin

            Our youngest daughter, (now an adult and with her own two children of that age) was then in elementary school. I was scolding her for something wrong she’d done. It wasn’t anything terrible. She wasn’t happy with my response. “Well, it’s all your fault”, she said angrily. “My fault” I asked, “Why is it my fault?” She shouted, “You had me. You’re the reason I’m here! It’s your fault!” Continue reading

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Patrick Malloy, Candidate for 50th District

by Tom Frew

                California’s 50th Congressional district (CD50) covers most of eastern San Diego County, extending from Temecula in Riverside County southward through Fallbrook, San Marcos and Escondido down to Rancho San Diego.  The district stretches east to Imperial County.   There were about 730,000 residents of this district in 2013, according to U.S. census data.  The CD50 incumbent congressman is Republican Duncan D. Hunter, a four term member of the House of Representatives. Continue reading

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Act Now to Keep North County Livable!

by Rolf vom dorp

                Whether you look north, south, east, or west it’s the same story.   North County is about to endure a massive housing and shopping center onslaught and it must be stopped.  Developers are threatening to crush our rural areas, bankrupt our cities, and destroy our way of life–all while ignoring the growing impact of climate change.  Many groups are girding for a fight in North County.  A public meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 19, 2016 at 6 pm at Hitzke Community Center, 251 Autumn Terrace Dr. in San Marcos.  Presenters from a several community groups who are resisting will share information about upcoming projects.  Diane Nygaard, who led the defeat of Prop A in Carlsbad will also be on hand to share lessons from that important community victory. Continue reading

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Judge Rules For Trustee José Fragozo and against EUSD and Superintendent Ibarra

Escondido Union School District’s (EUSD) attorney, Mr. Shinoff had his associate write six words on poster paper during his closing arguments. Continue reading

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A GPS for New Voters

by Mary Ann Drinan

                There is, unfortunately, no GPS in existence that will help you, as a new voter, navigate your way through the California election ballot. Maybe with some thoughtful reflections, it is possible to create a meaningful, albeit nontraditional, way to scan election ballots and vote for the people you truly want to win. Continue reading

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DA Gets Political with Indictments

by Don Greene

Politics is no stranger to our District Attorney, Bonnie Dumanis. Those in the world of local San Diego politics have all heard the stories of J. Edgar Hoover-like files being maintained on them by the DA’s office. Those who are familiar with her and her work often comment that she injects her office into local elections. Continue reading

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