Notes from the Bernie Sanders Rally in Vista

Joe Dusel and I arrived here around 8am and people were already in line. Our own Copy Editor, Frank Henry-Reyes, was near the front of the line having arrived at six am! The line of people took two hours to file in.

The stands are filling up and the grassy field is full. This is the happiest group of people I have been around in a long time. It’s a real thrill to see so many young people — first time voters– here with t-shirts, buttons and signs- all working for a better future for us all. Proud to be here. Hope springs eternal. I asked dozens of Bernie supporters if they would vote for Hillary if she ends up on the ballot. Each and every one of them said no, without hesitation. Wake up democrats. A study that came out today has Hillary beating Trump by 3 points (that is the margin of error) and BERNIE beating Trump by 15 points. The smart vote, the right vote, the best vote is for Bernie Sanders!

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