From the Editors, May 2016

I am proud to announce that Alianza North County received the “Making a Difference” award from The San Diego County Democratic Party. I humbly accepted it at the annual Roosevelt dinner. The dinner was attended by close to 800 Democrats. Alianza was supported by three + tables full of our writers, translators, sponsors and friends. Award winners, myself included, spoke to the crowd, thanking supporters and telling their stories. To my surprise, I also received two more awards that evening: a Certificate of Recognition from The United States House of Representatives signed by Congressman Juan Vargas, and a Special Commendation from San Diego Councilmember Todd Gloria. I am deeply grateful for the recognition. It is gratifying to know so many in the community appreciate Alianza. All of us at Alianza will continue doing our best to give voice to those whose stories often go untold.

While we at Alianza love to hear positive feedback from the community, we also listen to our critics. When asked why we do not present “both sides” of an issue, the best explanation is that in 1983, the media was controlled by 50 companies. Today, six corporations own it all, giving us what blogger Frugal Dad calls “the illusion of choice.”  These six corporations control 90% of what we listen to, watch and read.

Alianza North County offers a tiny bit of balance to the overwhelmingly right-leaning press. There is no need for us to cover the “other side.” That side is more than covered. Our job is to bring a little spark of light from the progressive side. And to quote Stephen Colbert, “Reality has a well-known liberal bias.”


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