From the Editors – April 2015

We were recently alerted to a posting on Mayor Abed’s Facebook page. It seems the mayor posted a skit of a woman being blindfolded with her own bra, then shot in front of a firing squad. Apparently the mayor found this amusing. Upon hearing this, we immediately recalled his State of the City address in which he repeatedly mentioned bringing values and faith to Escondido and doing what is morally right. While we found the tone of his speech to be highly inappropriate for a mayor (as he is not a church leader), being amused by sexualized violence against women even more disturbing.

Credible sources have informed us that Mr. Abed is also boycotting “The Paper,” and he emailed other mayors urging them to do the same. Trying to suppress the press is not a moral stance. In fact, freedom of the press may be yet another part of the constitution of this country that Mr. Abed does not understand.

Recently, he scolded the audience at a city council meeting about property rights. People who own a property should be able to build on it were his sentiments, but the same sentiment was not afforded to the rightful owner of the country club area. How confusing. Now that the City lost the fight against Stuck in the Rough, it will cost the residents of Escondido $500,000 at the very least. It seems Abed did understand property rights all along.

We wonder if he engaged in a legally indefensible case in order to win the election. Depending on Judge Maas’s next decision, the city may be stuck with an additional $1,500,000 more in court costs and legal fees. It wasn’t Mayor Abed’s money to spend. Although ECCHO is urging the council to appeal the decision, it’s our guess that he won’t bother at this point.

We end with a definition from Webster’s dictionary: demagogue noun. A political leader who tries to get support by making false claims and promises and using arguments based on emotion rather than reason. A leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power.

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