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El Distrito Escolar Unificado de Escondido (EUSD por sus siglas en inglés) está descompuesto

Por Don Greene Mientras que los maestros y administradores escolares están luchando a diario para educar a sus estudiantes con recursos decrecientes, parece que a los administradores de alto nivel les tiene sin cuidado el mal papel que han jugado … Continue reading

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The Escondido Union School District (EUSD) Needs New Leadership

By Don Greene While teachers and school administrators are fighting on a daily basis to educate their students with diminishing resources, top-level administration seems to be completely oblivious to the detrimental role they have played by wasting district resources, namely … Continue reading

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DA Gets Political with Indictments

by Don Greene Politics is no stranger to our District Attorney, Bonnie Dumanis. Those in the world of local San Diego politics have all heard the stories of J. Edgar Hoover-like files being maintained on them by the DA’s office. … Continue reading

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We Pay Taxes So We Can Do Together What We Can’t Do Alone

by Don Greene Former Congressman and Mayor of San Diego Bob Filner said this and then gave a more concise explanation of why paying taxes is so important. He was referring to paying taxes so that a city or other … Continue reading

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Applegate for Congress: a Representative the 49th Deserves

by Don Greene On a trip to the Ohio State Legislature, Doug read – with great delight – the name “Douglas Applegate” on the voting board. That Doug Applegate was an Ohio State legislator who would later become a member … Continue reading

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Local Government, Our Government

by Don Greene Did you watch the news last night? You probably heard about the big thing that President Obama did or the big thing that Congress didn’t do. But did you hear about the water rate increase in your … Continue reading

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Voices from the Lighthouse – Unaccompanied Minors Find Trouble in Mexico

By Don Greene In 2014, the United States saw an influx of unaccompanied minors from Central America’s Northern Triangle – Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. In 2014, according to US Customs and Border Patrol (USCBP) there was a record of … Continue reading

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What to do about Water?

By Don Greene Note: This is a two-part series that Alianza North County will run to discuss the serious conditions of our region’s water supply and how our municipalities are dealing with the crisis. In the first part we look … Continue reading

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Voices from the Lighthouse – April 2015

By Don Greene Friendship Park is located at the end of a part asphalt, part dirt road. During the summer months, when there is a distinct lack of rain, the road is open to vehicle traffic. During the winter months, … Continue reading

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