Artist Spotlight: Scott Bruckner

by Patrick Brown

This month’s featured artist, Scott Bruckner, is well known for his exotic wood sculptures influenced by two of his favorite artists Alexander Caulder and Louise Nevelson. You can envision the influence these artists have had on Bruckner’s work in Calder’s simple but balanced design and Nevelson’s complex assemblages.

Bruckner’s work began in the mid ‘90s when he started making sculptures from found objects and leftover construction materials. Through the following years his work has matured and refined to include exotic woods and the more complex assemblages of his early work have been exchanged for the simplicity of form.

These newer forms are by no means any less dramatic, and take on the organic shapes found in nature. They also invite the viewer to experience the movement of Bruckner’s designs both in the composition as well as the exotic grains of the materials used. His found objects have been replaced by Cocobola, Podouk and African Mahogany woods that he sculpts into sensual forms that capture the eye with a dynamic presence. His work often features a vertical alignment that suggests the piece is rising from the earth, a form found in botanical species or cloud structures lifting and turning as the winds shape and change the form. It’s also hard not to see the human body as it stretches and shapes in a trained ballet.

Bruckner works full time on his sculptures and has had success in both selling and exhibiting his work in Southern California. He founded the North County San Diego Sculptors Salon in 2013, and is an active participant in the Oceanside Artist Alliance. His work has been featured at the Oceanside Museum of Art and he has received many awards and accolades for his outstanding work, including a public installation in the city of Santa Clarita in 2012. Bruckner has also studied at the prestigious Center for Furniture and Craftsmanship in Rockport, Maine, and this is among the reasons for the progressive refinement of his work.

Scott Bruckner can be contacted through his website at and his work can be found in many locations throughout San Diego.

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