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Lack of Civility by Escondido’s Supposed Civic Leader

by Everett DeLano Near the end of the March 4th Escondido City Council hearing regarding a proposed 65-home development on land currently in the County and proposed to be annexed into the City, Mayor Sam Abed took it upon yourself to criticize … Continue reading

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Escondido Elementary and Middle Schools 2015

by Laura Johnston Kohl I am an expert on education – from many points of view. I just retired from teaching last June 2014. I have taught Bilingual Kindergarten, Adult ESL, CPR in Spanish to factory workers, and in elementary … Continue reading

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Voices from the Lighthouse – April 2015

By Don Greene Friendship Park is located at the end of a part asphalt, part dirt road. During the summer months, when there is a distinct lack of rain, the road is open to vehicle traffic. During the winter months, … Continue reading

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Like it or Not, Change is Coming

By Jeff Fischer Change can be difficult. There’s nothing like moving someone out of their comfort zone to get a reaction out of them. The human reflex responses of “fight or flight” kick in and, we either run away from change … Continue reading

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Partisan Politics in a Publicly-Funded School?

By Rebecca Nutile    Public schools have traditionally been known as the great equalizer, the cornerstone of a healthy democracy. Public schools are the place where we, as a community, are supposed to set aside religious and political differences and … Continue reading

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From the Editors – April 2015

We were recently alerted to a posting on Mayor Abed’s Facebook page. It seems the mayor posted a skit of a woman being blindfolded with her own bra, then shot in front of a firing squad. Apparently the mayor found … Continue reading

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